Real funding for social housing

A comprehensive study by the NSW Auditor-General released in July last year showed that the limited resources available to the NSW social housing system mean that it is only capable of meeting 44% of actual need.

There are 55,000 eligible applicants on the social housing waiting list. Some people wait more than ten years to get a house. There could as many as 86,000 on the waiting list by 2016 unless things change.

In response, the NSW Government has committed to developing a social housing strategy to address the Auditor-General's recommendations and outline reform priorities.

Sydney should be a community with a range of housing options - including affordable and social housing. The City of Sydney has over 10,000 social housing properties—more than any other local government area in the country.

As both Lord Mayor, and previously the Member for Sydney and Bligh, I have fought to prevent Government neglect and underfunding of social housing in our community.

If you share my belief that our community should include affordable and social housing, make sure you have. Submissions close on 28 February and the final report is due in September.

Visit the NSW Parliament's website to make your submission.

Written submissions may also be lodged by sending to:

The Director

Select Committee on Social, Public and Affordable Housing

Parliament House

Macquarie St

Sydney NSW 2000

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