Recycle electronic waste on Clean Up Australia Day

Sunday March 4 is Clean Up Australia Day and you can do your part by taking advantage of the City's electronic waste drop-off. You can recycle no longer used televisions, computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices for free.

E-waste is growing at three times the rate of general waste. Across Australia close to 90 per cent of e-waste ends up in landfill. Computer screens and TVs contain toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, which can leach out from landfills and into waterways. It's important not to throw them away with the regular waste or just leave them on the street.

Residents can drop off their electronic products at the City's Bay Street Depot, Ultimo from 9am to 3pm. All products are recycled, preventing tonnes of waste from ending up in landfill.

Since the City's electronic waste recycling program began in November 2008, more than 156 tonnes of broken and unwanted electrical items have been collected. At last December's collection, more than 20 tonnes of electronic waste was collected and the amount of electronic waste recycled in the City has increased by 65% in the past year.

If your electronics are still working, why not give them to someone who can make good use of them? OzRecycle or Gumtree are online reuse communities that make it easier for people to give away things they no longer need.


  • Electronic Waste disposal, Sunday 4 March at City's Bay Street Depot, Ultimo, from 9am to 3pm.
  • For the full list of e-waste items you can recycle, visit
  • Clean Up Australia:

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