Redfern Park picks up a Green Flag

Redfern Park has won a prestigious Green Flag Award, an international standard of excellence for public parks. It is one of just 23 award-winning parks across Australia and New Zealand in 2014.

Other award winning parks include Centennial Parklands, Melbourne's Royal Park and Perth's Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.

A Green Flag Award is only given to parks with very high standards of safety and accessibility, great facilities and excellent management of the environment and historical features. A Green Flag ensures local residents and visitors can be sure that they will be visiting an exceptional park with diverse facilities of the highest calibre.

When I first moved to Redfern in the late 1970s its parks were bleak with more asphalt than grass, surrounded by chain wire fences topped by barbed wire.

The City's $32 million redevelopment of Redfern Park, completed in 2008, was a turning point for the local community.

Improvement included planting of new trees, shrubs and grass; upgrading of all the paths and kerbs; installing the new lights and park furniture; and restoring the park's historic features including the fountain and war memorial.

We also installed a new children's playground and a beautiful, interactive water feature called Bible and Bullets by Fiona Foley.

Research shows that good management and high-quality maintenance has a major influence on park visitation and use.

Redfern Park is now a much-loved and much-used facility. I hope our Green Flag Award encourages you to visit if you haven't already.

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