Redfern Social Housing Meeting

Good morning, everyone, welcome to our second meeting for this year.


The latest renewals of alcohol restrictions went to Council in July, along with proposals for new areas, including a prohibited area in the publicly accessible space bound by Walker, Cooper, Young and Phillip Streets.


Housing NSW is working with the two Neighbourhood Advisory Boards in Redfern and Waterloo over the installation of two sharps bins on Housing NSW land. The Waterloo Well-being and Safety Action Group has been lobbying for sharps bins for quite some time and is hopeful of a positive outcome in the very near future.


I was pleased that the Minister for Transport announced plans for a lift at Redfern Station.

This is the first step to improving accessibility at the station, but more still needs to be done and we need to keep the pressure on the government to take further action.

I encourage you to contact your local member of Parliament, Ron Hoenig, to ask him to support the community's campaign to make the station fully accessible.

You can sign up for email updates on the Lift Redfern campaign on RedWatch's website or at the Factory Community Centre on Raglan Street, Redfern.

The campaign has carried out a number of projects this year including the Sydney University Students' Engineers without Borders project. Students had to work out how to transport an elephant to and from a station platform, and the winning entry received a $100 prize.

A second project run in partnership with the Sydney Story Factory and Alexandria Park Community School involved children in grades five and six in workshops looking at local community issues. The children did a fantastic job and created their own super-hero, "RL", as well as making posters and writing letters to the Transport Minister urging her to install a lift at Redfern Station.


Michael Modder / Jim Green of Housing NSW will give you an update on the audit shortly.


Work on the new two-way, separated cycleway on George Street continues. The cycleway will provide a safe and convenient option to cycle between Green Square and Central Station, and beyond, and a safer environment for pedestrians.

The bicycle link will connect residents of Green Square, Waterloo, Alexandria and Redfern with the city centre. Once completed, the 6 km city centre to Green Square cycle link will give people the option to ride from Green Square to central Sydney via a separated cycleway on George Street, shared paths in Prince Alfred Park, Chalmers Street and Elizabeth Street and on to a proposed separated cycleway in Wentworth Avenue and then the existing College Street cycleway.

It is important that we do this work now, because with 22,000 new jobs and 40,000 new residents projected by 2030, Green Square will be Sydney's fastest growing area.

The work includes new paving and better pedestrian access; better street lighting' traffic calming and new trees and grass.

As part of this link, we are:

  • Extending the existing 40km/hour zone from Redfern Street to Bourke Street, Waterloo with new traffic calming measures.
  • keeping loading zones in their current location.
  • Introducing one way streets on George Street from McEvoy to Allen Street and on Allen Street between George Street and Botany Road to alleviate parking loss.
  • Improved footpaths and pedestrian crossings and new trees.


The Minister for Family and Community Services has informed me that HNSW will be decommissioning the duress alarms at the Purcell Building in Redfern and you can register for the Telecross service. This service, which is run by the Red Cross, makes daily calls to elderly and housebound people to make sure they are safe and well. If a call goes unanswered, an agreed emergency procedure will be activated and help arranged if necessary. Telecross calls are made by trained volunteers daily at an agreed time that suits the recipient of the call.

I wrote to the Minister to raise tenants' concerns that tenants till relied on the alarm system in Purcell Building, however the Minister tells me that the alarm system is not as effective as contacting emergency services directly.

The security firm SNP has taken over the concierge contract in the six high-rise buildings from July 1, initially for three months while discussions continue about this vital service.

The Land and Housing Corporation is continuing to prune trees in a number of places throughout Waterloo.

Recent changes at Housing NSW align it with the local health districts. The Sussex Street office has moved to the corner of Chalmers and Cleveland Streets, along with other FACS departments. Housing staff here today can give you more information.

The City continues to meet with Housing NSW and the Land & Housing Corporation as the asset manager to deal with issues such as:

  • Companion animals
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Crime prevention and community safety
  • Access to grants and services
  • Alcohol management in public places
  • High rise living
  • Community engagement
  • Long-term asset planning and
  • Government strategies to meet the need for affordable housing


Local Member Ron Hoenig will hold will hold a forum at The Factory Community Centre on Friday October 18, from 2-4pm.


The Factory Community Centre, in partnership with the YWCA, is running a 12-week health program for social housing tenants in Redfern and Waterloo. The meetings are held each Thursday at Poet's Corner, Redfern. For information on the weekly health talks, speak to Laura at The Factory.

The new GOLD brochure is out with even more great activities for older people, including circus classes, aqua aerobics, walking groups, pottery, photography, knitting, film-making and computer classes.


The City is writing a new Safe City Strategy, and a Social Housing Well-being and Safety Action Plan is proposed to sit under the new strategy. A range of consultations and surveys will be held over the next few months and Dom Grenot, our Social Housing Project Manager, can give you more information about this.


This is a community project using photography to celebrate the important role of motherhood, and the bond that is shared between mothers.

The first aim is to give the gift of family portraits to 20 mothers, and the second is to share these women's images and stories in an exhibition next March for International Women's Day. The project recognises the incredible role mothers play in our community and celebrates the bond that exists between all mothers.

For further information, or if you are interested in taking part, please send Anna a message via Facebook, or email her at, or else ask a member of staff at The factory.


The Factory is running a free Tax Help program on Monday mornings until late October. You can make an appointment with the tax volunteer, who is a Mandarin speaker.


Did you know that you can be a member of The Factory Community Centre for just $2 a year? As a member of The Factory, you will be kept informed and involved in local issues. You'll get a regular newsletter, and a company of the annual reports, as well as reduced fees for room hire and the opportunity to stand for election. Talk to the staff to find out more.


RedWater Markets

The markets continue to be a big success. They're held on the third Saturday of each month in Redfern Park and are up to capacity of 50 stalls. The next will be held on September 21, from 8am to 4pm.

The Waterloo Recycling Workshop

This meets every Friday from 8.30am at Waterloo Green. The market sells recycled household and furniture items at reasonable prices, though white goods and electrical items are not sold.

The Cycle Recycle Club

This meets twice a week from 5pm-8.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays under the Turunga Building at 1 Phillip Street, across the carpark in the garage.

Playgrounds in the Park

About 750 residents attended the last Playgroups in the Park for children up to five years last June. The next will be on Tuesday September 17, at Redfern Park.

Annual Pet Day

The sixth annual Pet Day will be held on Saturday September 28, from 11am to 3pm, in Ward Park. Operation Cat will run in Surry Hills from September 2 to 11, offering discounted de-sexing for your pet.

Summer on the Green

Will be held on Friday December 6, from 3pm to 6pm


The local community celebrated NAIDOC Week with various events in the area. NCIE hosted a fabulous day down on George Street, and the Redfern Oval event, incorporating Family and Culture Day, held on July 14, had a fantastic turn-out of nearly 1,000 residents.

Family and Culture Day

This has moved from The Block to Waterloo Green, where it's held every second month, so the next event will be on November 13.

Redfern Neighbourhood Day

This will be held on Friday, November 22, at Poet's Corner.