Reg Mombassa lets his creativity out

Reg Mombassa has been described by his colleagues at Mambo as "a musician, painter, writer, poet, humanist, sage, dispenser of arcane wisdom, buggerer of sacred cows, and much loved national treasure."

Last week all those qualities were on display as he joined James Valentine for the City's Design Excellence Forum at Lower Town Hall. Their conversation covered Reg's artistic inspirations and ambitions; Reg also gave a personal insight into some of his most iconic designs and artworks.

Not limited to just visual arts, Reg is a member of Mental As Anything and plays with his brother Pete O'Doherty in Dog Trumpet. The forum's audience were lucky enough them play live, including a cameo from James Valentine on the saxophone.

Reg is our New Year's Eve Creative Ambassador for 2013. From his work so far, it is plain to see this year's celebrations will have a unique flavour. I'm looking forward to seeing him put Sydney Harbour to use as the biggest and best canvas he has ever worked on.

If you'd like to know more about his plans for the big night, watch the forum podcast by clicking here.

Sydney - October 10, 2013: Design Excellence Forum - The M Word, featuring Reg Mombassa in conversation with James Valentine (Photo by Jamie Williams/City of Sydney)

With MC James Valentine, Reg Mombassa and his brother and member of Dog Trumpet Pete O'Doherty.







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