Reg Mombassa to rock New Year's Eve in Sydney

Mambo and Mental As Anything legend Reg Mombassa will be our Creative Ambassador for Sydney's New Year's Eve 2013.

As a musician and artist, his work is bold and colourful with an absurdist humour that brings a smile to people's faces, so his unique vision is a perfect match for our biggest event.

Reg's prodigious talent and quirky take on Australian life will help create a New Year's Eve celebration that gets people talking.

I was lucky to see some of Reg's sketches of the harbour last week and I know he's excited to be working on such an epic canvas.

He has been busy in his studio for the past six months working on drawings to reflect his theme of Shine, as well as four panoramic works that feature his interpretation of Sydney's villages.

His illustrations for NYE13 will be on banners and bus-stops across the city in the lead up to the event and feature in the much-anticipated and top-secret Bridge Effect, which we only reveal at midnight on 31 December.

This is about a city where the sun, water and people all shine. An 'all-seeing eye' motif aims to encourage individualism while also representing Sydneysiders' singular vision to live harmoniously.

The annual event attracts about 1.6 million people to the Sydney Harbour foreshore, while about 2.6 million people watch the 9PM Family Fireworks and Midnight Fireworks displays on television.

Sydney NYE is also the single most important event for the local economy, generating about $156 million.

If you'd like to see some of Reg's work up close you can visit his new exhibition, Hallucinatory Anthropomorphism … Semi-Abstract Paraphysical Manifestations of the Collective Unconscious, which opens on Wednesday 19 June at Watters Gallery, 109 Riley Street, East Sydney.

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