Renwick Street Playground

(12.30pm, Renwick Street Playground, 42-46 Renwick Street, Alexandria)

Good morning and welcome everyone.

The City's planned upgrade on this playground is due to commence works next year. This morning is about showing you on the plans, and getting your feedback, and our Design Manager, Veronica Guadagnini, is also here to present the proposals and answer questions.

These changes are part of the City's ongoing parks upgrade program.

The planned upgrade includes new playground equipment for children of all ages, including slides, climbing and swinging equipment, creating an imaginative space that encourages children to interact with the natural environment and be physically active.

The plans also include:

  • a range of places to sit
  • improvements to the entry
  • a new path, fence and gate, and
  • new shrubs, trees and lawns.

As I mentioned, the designs are here today and I encourage you all to have a look. You can also view them at or at our one stop shop at Town Hall House. Feedback is open until 13 September, and we're keen to hear from you. Your comments will be considered in the final design, which is expected to be submitted to Council later this year.

Thank you.