Request for Government to withdraw support of Shooters' Bill and correct misinformation

I've written to the Premier to let him know the City of Sydney formally resolved to call on the Government to withdraw its support of the Shooters and Fisher's Bill on business voting.

We've been inundated with letters of concern from the community. I imagine the Premier has too. We've been sent a copy of a letter the Government is sending to people who raise concerns - unfortunately it contains factually incorrect information and misleading claims.

Council also resolved to ask the Premier to correct the misinformation in the letter and write again to everyone who received the wrong information.

It's disappointing that misleading claims and factually incorrect information are being used by the Liberal Party to justify support for the Shooters and Fishers Bill.

In the Government's letter they claim "that businesses contribute 78.5 per cent of the City of Sydney's revenue".

This is simply not true. Last year business rates contributed less than 32 per cent of the City of Sydney's total revenue.

They also argue that the case for adopting the Melbourne model was the result of a bipartisan Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters run by the NSW Parliament.

But the truth is that only the Shooters and the Liberal Party supported the changes. The Labor members of the Committee voted against the proposal.

Here's a copy of my letter below:

Letter to Baird re City of Sydney Amendment (Elections) Bill 2014

Letter to Baird re City of Sydney Amendment (Elections) Bill 2014

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