Rolling out Green Square to Central Sydney cycleway

The design of the George Street cycleway in Redfern was endorsed by Council on Monday night.

The George Street cycleway is part of the Green Square to Central Sydney bicycle route. This 5.4km route will provide a safe and congestion free transport option for residents in Redfern, Alexandria and Waterloo as well as new residents in Green Square.

It's one of ten routes in and across the city which will take people where they need to go - home, work, school or university, major parks and entertainment areas.

The design of the Green Square to Central Sydney route was prepared in consultation with the Roads and Maritime Services, State Transit Authority, Redfern George Street Fire Brigade, the Department of Housing NSW and surrounding residents and businesses.

City staff door knocked businesses and spoke with residents and bike riders to gauge their views and understand their needs. The design was on public exhibition from April to May and the vast majority of submissions were positive.

Our work to provide safe and connected bike paths has seen the number of Sydneysiders riding bicycles soar. Our latest bike counts show an 82 per cent increase over the past two years. Every day around 1,700 people are riding through the intersection of College and Oxford Streets and 1,900 people are riding along the Kent Street cycleway.

The ride from Green Square - which will be home to 40,000 more people by 2030 - to Central Sydney will be safe, quick and attractive. The cycleway design includes more trees and landscaping as well as pedestrian improvements. It will link riders with the shared path in the recently renewed Prince Alfred Park and existing cycleways in Mandlaible and Bourke Streets in Alexandria.

The City is also consulting with residents and local businesses about the completion of separated cycleways on Kent Street and Wentworth Avenue.

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