Rosebery Residents' Meeting

(6.30pm 10 November 2011, Green Square Community Hall, 3 Joynton Avenue Zetland)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to this workshop.

I would like firstly to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, the traditional custodians of our land, and to acknowledge the 200 nationalities who now call Sydney home.

I'd also like to acknowledge Cr Di Tornai who is here for the workshop.

We've asked you here this evening so that we can discuss some aspects of the new Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan. We want to keep you in the loop as we work towards finalising these documents.

As you know, we have drafted these as part of a new City Plan. This went on exhibition until April and we're reviewing the submissions we've received.

We're dealing with these area by area, and tonight it's Rosebery's turn.

The work will feed into a final Local Environment Plan which will be completed early next year.

Rosebery residents are obviously keen to protect the character of your area and you have raised a number of concerns about density and existing character. We're interested to hear more of your concerns and also to explain some of our own thoughts and reasoning that went into the draft plans.

So we have Fran O'Brien here to tell you about the City Plan as well as Ben Pechey, Policy Officer Office of Lord Mayor; Jane Grose, Specialist Planner; Ben Chamie, Planner; Lila Contziu, Major Project Manager Green Square all who'll talk about the key issues and how and why we came up with the controls that we did.

The meeting will then be open for discussion around those topics. So to allow the maximum time for discussion, I think we should hear now from Fran to get the ball rolling.