Royston Street bins get high-tech upgrade

The average resident in the City of Sydney generates 329kg of waste each year. One of our most important jobs at the City is ensuring that residents' waste is collected and disposed of properly.

Today I was very pleased to unveiled new underground communal rubbish bins that will help put an end to illegal dumping and unhygienic spills in Royston Street, Darlinghurst.

Residents in this small cul-de-sac have previously battled with an unsightly and overcrowded bin bay. The new system replaces 22 traditional wheelie bins with recycling and waste chutes linked to an underground storage system.

City of Sydney staff can use hydraulic lifts to raise the bins onto the roadway for emptying.

The new system is virtually silent, and will help reduce the number of visits a City garbage truck has to make each week.

Underground waste systems have been used in other cities round the world and are proven to be an effective means of managing waste in high density areas with limited bin space.

If the system proves successful, the City will be able to use it in other areas where space and illegal dumping present challenges for local residents.

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