RSPCA is reigning cats and dogs

This Saturday the RSPCA will be hosting a huge pet rescue day at Bicentennial Park, Glebe. Their aim for the day is to find homes for as many dogs as possible.

The RSPCA Rescue Me - Rescue Dog Adoption Day runs from 10am to 2pm. Click here for more details.

If you're considered getting a dog, please consider rehoming an animal that has been abandoned or is unwanted. You'll be giving this dog a second chance in life. About 60,000 pets are killed in NSW annually because they are abandoned or surrendered to pounds and shelters.

For people who already have pets there'll be volunteers on hand to help find a great match between your pet and a new member of the family. There'll also be lots of information from the RSPCA about how to care for cats and dogs, product stalls, great food and much more.

Bicentennial Park is a dog friendly area. The park's off-leash section is west of the canal, while dogs need to be on a leash in the eastern quarter.

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