Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassadors Extended

Everyone should be able to enjoy a good night out in Sydney and come home safely at the end of it. Sadly that has not always been the case, but the fantastic Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassador program is helping change that.

Since Christmas, trained Salvation Army volunteers have already spent Friday and Saturday nights helping more than 5,000 people in the CBD.

The City has helped fund this great program since it began last year and today I joined Ralph and Kathy Kelly, NSW Attorney General Gabrielle Upton, Superintendent Mark Walton, Professor Gordian Fulde from St Vincent's Hospital and Nate Brown from The Salvation Army to announce that the program will now continue for another three years.

As well as continuing the work in the CBD, volunteers will now also work in Kings Cross.

The Safe Space and TK Ambassadors provide assistance and a place of sanctuary when people need it most. They might be lost, drunk, separated from their friends, a long way from home, or at risk of becoming a victim of crime. Volunteers administer basic first aid, hand out free water and sweets, provide phone and internet access, and help to get vulnerable people home safely.

Many of you would have seen that just recently two Take Kare Ambassadors, Meggie and Laura, came across a bloodied and unconscious man in Haymarket at around 4am. Their swift and brave action - performing CPR and calling emergency services - saved that man's life.

Thomas Kelly was Meggie's cousin, and I'm sure the entire Kelly family is proud of her work. And as Ralph said: "Thomas would be so proud of you both."

The Safe Space and Take Kare Ambassador initiative makes our city a better place, and I'm sure it will continue to make a huge difference to those in need.

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