Safety and responsibility on our roads

Sydney needs more transport options, so we are investing in better choices for people who want to walk, ride or catch public transport.

These changes will help solve our city's traffic and congestion problems.

But along with the physical we also need to change our attitude and recognise that the streets, roads and footpaths are there to share. They don't belong to any single group - they are there to be shared.

The reality is many people walk, drive and ride at different times for different reasons. No matter which form of transport you choose - your safety and the safety of the people around you should always be your top priority.

We are creating more shared paths so that bike riders without confidence can avoid mixing it with cars on the street. But bike riders need to be aware of pedestrians, slow down, ring their bells and always give way.

Drivers need to be aware that we have very high numbers of pedestrians, particularly in the CBD where many footpaths are crowded during busy periods. Did you know that in 2011 alone there were 291 pedestrians killed or injured in the CBD?

Pedestrians also need to take responsibility for their own safety. Crossing the road against the traffic; paying more attention to your music than your surroundings; or ignoring traffic signals increases the risk of being injured.

Being a few minutes late is not worth the risk of being killed or injured, or killing or injuring someone else.

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