Lord Mayor Clover Moore will today donate $170,000 to three inner city charities from her Lord Mayor's Salary Trust, taking donations from her Trust to over $1.4 million since she was elected in 2004.

“As I was already the State MP for Sydney when I ran for Lord Mayor in February 2004, I gave a commitment that if I was elected I would not accept the Lord Mayoral salary and would donate it to charity,” the Lord Mayor said.

“The donations focus on innovative projects that make a practical difference to people in need in the inner city.”

“Projects like these often find it hard to get the funding they need, I'm proud my donations play a part in helping them start up."

The three projects that receive funding are:

$130,000 for Weave Youth and Community Services

The imprisonment rate for Aboriginal Australians has increased by 52 per cent over a decade. This funding will be used to kick start a program to help break the cycle of offending and keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people out of custody. It will help young people transition to the community and for those diverted from custodial sentences via court ordered bonds the chance to participate in Weave’s Creating Futures program.

The funding will be used to employ a full time Caseworker/Counsellor and part time caseworker to work with 80 young people over a year. The cost of incarcerating one person in adult prison is $82,000 per year. If 80 young people are diverted from the criminal justice system, that’s a potential saving of $6.5 million. Weave plan to use the data they collect in the first year to drive a campaign encouraging state government to provide ongoing funding.

$20,000 for the Inner City Legal Centre

This program provides comprehensive free legal assistance to Sydney families with children who have gender dysphoria and are requiring court approval to access specialist treatment to transition. This project will address major economical and legal barriers to the access of treatment for youth with gender dysphoria.

Australia is the only country that requires an application to the Family Court to access cross sex hormones, and the Inner City Legal Centre is probably the only service that offers this legal assistance free of charge. If a family engages a private solicitor they may pay up to $40,000 to secure the Court’s approval. Although no application to the Family Court of this nature has been refused, the process is protracted and nerve-wracking for families and children.

$20,000 Sydney Story Factory

The funding will be used to help run term-long creative writing workshops after school for young people from the Redfern/Waterloo area. Workshops will light the spark of creativity and help a group of vulnerable young people find their voice.

Marginalised young people, particularly those from Indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds, have consistently lower literacy levels than their peers. The focus for this program is young people most at risk of losing confidence in their writing abilities and switching off at school. The program aims to make writing fun and rewarding, boost literacy skills and confidence, and send children back to school equipped for future success. ​

Notes for editors:

Donations only fund organisations that operate wholly or partially within the City of Sydney Local Government Area that:

  • Enable people to rebuild their lives, particularly people whose lives have been adversely affected through alcohol or drug dependency, mental illness or social disadvantage
  • Assist homeless people or young people at risk
  • Promote animal welfare
  • Provide community environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Overview of Donations:

  • $198,725 for programs directed towards programs tackling mental illness and/or drug and alcohol dependence, including three grants totalling $80,000 to keep Gorman House operating seven days a week
  • $194,867 for programs targeting disadvantaged young people and youth at risk
  • $106882 for programs supporting homeless people and people at risk of becoming homeless
  • $99,730 for programs supporting disadvantaged people and people with complex needs living in social housing, including $52,000 for the Inner City Cadre Project which provided support and training for people living in public housing to address mental health issues
  • $196,400 for programs supporting the Aboriginal community, including $94,200 for programs to improve opportunities for young Aboriginal people.
  • $108,500 directed to programs which support former prisoners re-integrate into the community
  • $87,168 for programs supporting people who are isolated through disadvantage
  • $82,144 for programs supporting people living with HIV and AIDS
  • $22,000 for a community environmental initiative to educate the wider community about marine diversity in Sydney Harbour and the threats to it
  • $42,200 for programs supporting asylum seekers
  • $98,000 for programs supporting animal welfare
  • $12,000 directed to St Vincent’s Diabetes Centre.

Total (excluding those made this week): $1,248,616.00

Donations are made through a Trust established by the Lord Mayor in 2004. A Committee for the Trust periodically meets to consider applications and allocates funds according to the information provided in the application, the needs of other projects, total funds available and its own assessment. The Lord Mayor would like to thank all Committee members for their work.

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