Scottish Hospital Proposals Need More Work

While there is community support for new aged care facilities, development on the Scottish Hospital site must be sensitive to local heritage streetscapes, the remnant rainforest and historic gardens on the site, and the vistas between Paddington and the harbour and city.

A large number of Paddington residents contacted me to raise concerns that Presbyterian Aged Care's proposals would result in overdevelopment, inappropriate and unsympathetic design, loss of trees and green landscaping, loss of views and vistas, and traffic impacts.

The proposal includes buildings of up to nine storeys high adjacent predominantly two and three storey terrace houses, and the loss of 88 trees. The design fails to complement Paddington's special character, and would detract from the heritage precinct.

My submission asked the Planning Minister to reduce the scale of the proposal and protect the important urban forest on the site.

My submission is available at or from my Electorate Office.

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