Seeking feedback on footpath garden policy

A draft policy that lets enthusiastic gardeners dig into their footpaths, verges or nature strips free of Council approval will go on public exhibition in coming weeks.

We know there are plenty of green thumb residents, businesses and local schoolchildren who want to get back to nature and make their neighbourhoods greener with pockets of locally grown fresh food.

Budding gardeners will be able to garden the unloved patches of land beside footpaths with spontaneous plantings, vegetable gardens and planter boxes.

Our research shows that parks, trees and gardens improve the wellbeing of city dwellers, as well as providing sustainable local food production, strengthened urban landscape, wildlife corridors and improved biodiversity.

Under the draft footpath gardening policy, the City has developed a system of self-assessment checklists, which prospective gardeners can submit to Council for checking and record keeping.

Street gardens or planted boxes that meet the conditions of the checklist will not require further approval or assessment from Council.

Feedback from the exhibition will go back to Council in 2012 before a final decision is made


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