SGS Economics & Planning Strategic Review of WestConnex

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The City asked SGS Economics & Planning to review the WestConnex project because the State Government has not provided details on traffic modelling and is shockingly negotiating contracts before finishing environmental assessment.The SGS report shows WestConnex will not only have serious impacts on the inner-city, it will not meet Western Sydney's needs.

The facts:

WestConnex claims to link people with jobs, improve freight transport and allow urban renewal. But here are the facts:

  • It won't improve access to CBD jobs as 90% of Western Sydney workers commute to the city on overcrowded public transport.
  • It doesn't align with the State Metropolitan Strategy to create job opportunities in Western Sydney and transport links to them.
  • It won't help transfer freight from Port Botany and Sydney Airport to Western Sydney. Critical linking roads are unfunded.
  • It doesn't take into account Badgerys Creek Airport.
  • It won't help the renewal of Parramatta Road.
  • It will funnel thousands more cars into Newtown, St Peters, Erskineville, Alexandria, Waterloo, Redfern and Green Square.
  • It will isolate Sydney Park with fast moving traffic. Tunnel portals, ramps and ventilation stacks will blight the park's surroundings.

WestConnex is a return to last century's discredited thinking that motorways are the solution to our city's transport needs.

WestConnex is supposed to help Western Sydney residents get to jobs in Sydney's centre. It will do the opposite - worsen traffic congestion and divert funds from already crowded public transport used by most Western Sydney commuters to get to the CBD. The freight movement objectives of WestConnex are already redundant and it will do nothing to revitalise Parramatta Road.

What is WestConnex?

MapWestConnex is a tunnel to a traffic jam. An $11.5 billion network of toll roads that will bring thousands more cars into Sydney's already congested centre. It is the largest road project in Australia's history.

It's planned in three parts:

  1. M4 widening and extension
  2. M5 extension
  3. M4-M5 link

WestConnex is funded by the State and Federal Governments, and by tolls on motorists. Commuters will pay more, including tolls on previously toll-free roads.

The 3rd stage and a planned connection to Sydney Airport and Port Botany are not currently funded despite their critical role in delivering the project's stated objectives.

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