Sharing paths in the east suburbs

On Monday night, Council will consider creating new shared paths to help connect the eastern suburbs to the city and extend our network of safe bike paths.

These shared paths would be created in:

  • the western side of Flinders Street, between Taylor Square and Moore Park Road
  • the western side of South Dowling Street, between Flinders Street and Fitzroy Street
  • the southern side of Moore Park Road between South Dowling Street and Greens
  • Road
  • the southern side of Short Street between Flinders Street and Bourke Street
  • the northern side of Albion Street, between Flinders Street and Bourke Street
  • the southern side of Oxford Street, between Greens Road and Oatley Road
  • on-road line marking changes at Greens Road to create a bike lane in the uphill sections.

The number of people choosing to ride is growing, and each person on our bike network helps relieve congestion on our roads.

Separated cycleways are our preferred option, but when it's not possible we install shared paths to help less confident riders.

Shared paths form vital links between separated cycleways - helping to create a safer and better connected bike network for new riders, older people and parents with children.

Many of the riders using our bike network come from outside the City of Sydney area, which is why it is so important that there is a consistent, metropolitan wide approach to signage, and speed limits on shared paths.

While there are currently no specific State Government speed limits on shared paths, I will ask City of Sydney staff to install advisory speed limit signs on our shared paths.

The City already has 100 new permanent signs reminding riders and pedestrians of their rights and responsibilities, which are currently in production and due for installation on shared paths in coming weeks.

While only the Police can enforce road rules, we work closely with them on education and enforcement operations. We also have a dedicated Share the Path team on-site four times a week to provide safety advice and help improve the behaviour of bike riders, especially around pedestrians.

Shared paths are used extensively through Australia, the UK, USA and many other countries - and there are around 50 kilometres of shared paths within the City of Sydney LGA that have been around since the mid-1990s or earlier.

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