Shooters Party takes aim at Town Hall

Has the Government done a dodgy deal with the Shooters & Fishers Party to try to get the Independent Team and I out of Town Hall? Click here to read the front-page story from the Daily Telegraph.

Shooters MP Robert Borsak says 'there is no leadership coming out of Town Hall'.

Do you think the Shooters and Fishers are the right party to decide how the City of Sydney should be run?

We know what kind of leadership the Shooters would like - their deal with Barry O'Farrell allowed hunting in National Parks. What kind of deal will Mike Baird do to get their support and control Town Hall?

These are just some of their policies:

  • Pursue hunting to control animals on all NSW public lands and "expand access for hunting on all public land and expansion of shooting range facilities".
  • Create a legal right to the use of dogs in hunting pigs.
  • Reintroduction of tree harvesting in all state forests, national parks and state reserves.
  • Ensure the NSW Department of Education and Training recognises shooting and fishing as a sport in public schools (including recognising the "fundamental importance of these activities to the well being of our society" and reintroducing compulsory sport in all NSW schools).
  • Abolish ethics classes in NSW public schools.
  • Remove the trial of homophobia education program in NSW schools.
  • Continued development of a centralised coal-fired power industry in NSW
  • Secure access to public and private lands for 4WD and AWD touring.

We know the Government is behind this move. Businesses can already vote in City of Sydney elections, but the Liberals want compulsory business voting because they think it will help them win power.
Adopting mandatory business voting would mean:

• Responsibility for preparing the non-residential roll would be transferred from the NSW Electoral Commission to the City of Sydney, which is a reversal of the position adopted by the Government when it was in Opposition.

• The franchise would be significantly broadened to include non-citizens, which could significantly risk the integrity of City of Sydney elections by allowing and encouraging roll-stacking and voter harvesting.

• The move to exclusive postal voting and abolition of attendance voting could enable voter fraud and corruption and could result in fewer citizen-residents casting their votes.

• Additional burdens would be imposed on business in providing the information the City would require to prepare the non-residential roll, and in being compulsorily required to be enrolled and vote.

We need to let the Government know that dodgy deals with the Shooters and Fishers to get rid of Independent community representation is not what democracy is about.

Email Premier Mike Baird and tell him that you oppose his moves to work with the Shooters and take aim at Town Hall. Click on this link to email Mike Baird

If you're on twitter, please tweet him a message by using @mikebairdMP. We need to send a strong message that our community won't be sidelined by radical and dangerous political parties.

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