Shooting in National Parks

In Parliament, I strongly condemned the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill that will allow amateur shooters into more than 40 per cent of national parks, including world heritage and wilderness areas. There is real fear that people may be shot by mistake.

This Bill promotes killing for pleasure, with no animal welfare, environmental or community benefit. The Invasive Species Council assessment shows that shooting cannot deal with major pests such as rabbits, foxes, pigs, dogs and cats. Recreational shooters have not dealt with feral animals in other areas and have been reported releasing deer and pigs in new areas to ensure ongoing game for hunting.

Evidence shows that humane strategies like fertility control work and the Government should be researching effective strategies for NSW circumstances.

The Government pandered to cruel vested interests to get unrelated legislation through the House. I opposed the Game Bill 2002 which brought recreational shooting into state forests and continue to oppose this cruel and senseless approach.

Click HERE for my contribution to the debate.

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