Smartpoles for King Street, Newtown

The City will soon begin installing smart poles along King Street Newtown between Missenden and Enmore Roads, including eight smartpoles in the Marrickville Council area, after a request from the Newtown Business Precinct Association.

King Street is one of our busiest streets and these new poles will streamline its look and feel by bringing together street and pedestrian lighting, traffic services, telecommunications and street and parking signs together on the one pole. This will make the area a much more pleasant environment for pedestrians, businesses and motorists.

We are fast tracking the project to coincide with Energy Australia. Installing the smartpoles during their works will reduce disruption to using local businesses and people using King Street and save the City the cost of replacing Energy Australia light poles in the future.

Council also unanimously endorsed installing eight Smartpoles on the northern side of King Street, between Church Street and Enmore Road, in the Marrickville Council area. The City will be responsible for their maintenance, including the removal of posters and will receive any income from the hire of the poles to display banners.

Impacted residents and businesses will be notified before any work begins at each stage and our website will be regularly updated to reflect how the project is progressing.

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