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The sort of density seen only in pockets of Hong Kong or New York is coming to Waterloo, says the City of Sydney …

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Redfern-Waterloo set to dwarf London's squeeze …

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Exactly RT @_fisherco @CloverMoore yes but imagine the profit-making. An @Urban_Taskforce dream come true.

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This would be wholesale carnage of our city area … densities they’re proposing are almost unimaginably big

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Great to see new startup coworking space HaymarketHQ open in the heart of Chinatown … tx @GinaBaldassarre

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Congrats @ANZ_AU! …


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In the city to launch @anz_au's striking new Martin Place office


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We've installed 2000+ to make the city more accessible. Thanks @visionaustralia & @guidedogsnswact for your help! …