Sporting Facilities for Perry Park

On Monday, Council agreed to progress a multi-purpose sporting facility at Perry Park in Alexandria with indoor and outdoor facilities for basketball, soccer, football, hockey,wheelchair sports and softball.

Perry Park, located in the Alexandria industrial area, currently has a small indoor basketball facility.

In 2009, in response to requests from various sporting associations, the City carried out studies to assess the demand for sporting facilities in the City and the feasibility of accommodating indoor and outdoor facilities at Perry Park. The studies found a real need for active sporting facilities in the City and we have heard from badminton, hockey and basketball clubs.

Draft concept plans publicly exhibited in March last year received overwhelming support from sporting groups. The City has also consulted extensively about the plans through a public meeting, an online survey and surveys with park users.

The proposal will provide a full-size outdoor playing field as well as player amenities and improved park landscaping and an indoor sporting facility with six courts for a range of sports, a kiosk, crèche and exercise rooms. Further investigations include options for a range of courts for different types of sports, parking and staged implementation of the plans.

The City has been working with sporting associations since Council first agreed to develop detailed plans in November 2009. I would like to see this project get moving as soon as possible. We expect the final design to be reported back to Council for endorsement later this year.


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