Too little investment in women-led, high-growth companies impedes our city’s economic growth. So it’s not only a women’s issue, it’s a broader economic issue.

That’s why we are sponsoring Springboard Enterprises Australia’s 2016 Accelerator Program – an education and coaching course designed for women entrepreneurs in the early stages of their company’s development. 

Each year, SBE runs this ‘bootcamp’ for up to 10 companies, designed to accelerate their growth by providing skills and knowledge, coaching, mentorships and connections to local and international venture capitalists, angel and corporate investors.

One of the bootcamp participants I met at the SBE annual presentation night last month, Kimberley Turner, is a young Sydney entrepreneur who founded Aerosafe Risk Management. Aerosafe is now fifteen years old, has more than 50 employees (including some of her old UNSW lecturers!) in seven cities across the world, and Kimberley comes back to help other entrepreneurs getting their start. I’m proud to support this excellent initiative and the wonderful relationships and mentoring it facilitates.

Our upcoming Tech Startups Action Plan identifies the need to increase the number of female entrepreneurs launching and scaling high-growth businesses as an economic priority and there are plenty of outstanding female entrepreneurs in Australia who could use Springboard’s support to take their business to the next level.

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