State Government caught playing politics with bikes

Revelations that the Roads and Maritime Service (formerly RTA) strongly support the location and operation of our bike paths shows that opposition from the Liberal State Government is nothing more than politics at play.

We need an integrated transport network for Sydney that is based on facts, not politics.

The City has always worked hard to identify and plan the best possible bike paths for Sydney. Before any work on the bike network started, we undertook years of research, planning and consultation.

We have worked closely with RMS on all of our routes and design and made sure they fit with existing roads and transport plans. All bike paths have received RMS sign-off, without which the City could not proceed.

The good news is they're working - independent counts show an 82% increase in riding in Sydney over the past two years, it's growing at a faster rate than any other comparable city worldwide.

Lots of Sydneysiders want to ride, so we are making it easier and safer for them.

Sydney's bike network is complementary to the State Government's NSW Bike Plan (2010), which commits to "working with local councils to accelerate construction of an inner Sydney strategic cycle network to help relieve congested inner area public transport services."

The Government should stick to the facts so the rest of the network can be completed otherwise congestion will soon choke our city.

If bold approaches are not taken, the City will be close to standstill in 20 years with an extra 300,000 more people per day, another 1800 buses per day and the space between buildings not changing.

Changes to transport take many years to implement, as we have seen with the North West and South West heavy rail lines. We need to act now.

We have learnt from other cities worldwide that the only effective way to deal with congestion is to give people choices. To make it safe, affordable and practical for them to choose different transport options.

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