Statement on Council Amalgamations

I welcome the government's decision to leave the City of Sydney's boundaries unchanged.

The City is powering as never before - we have a 10 year, almost $2 billion infrastructure program, as well as $30-40 billion worth of private development coming over the next decade.

We were amalgamated in 2004 so we know they take three to five years to be fully complete. During that time a significant focus of the organisation must be on the actual amalgamation itself, rather than fully focusing on delivering projects, infrastructure and services.

This decision means we can get on with the job of working with the state and federal governments on the big projects that will keep Sydney's economy booming and get our public transport moving again.

Over the past 10 years, the City has consistently delivered debt-free budgets, kept residential rates among the lowest in Sydney, and delivered high-quality infrastructure needed by our community and the 1.2 million people in our city each day.

We're working with the state government on light rail to get the city moving again, overseeing an unprecedented construction boom, and delivering the nation's biggest urban renewal project at Green Square.

Our boundaries strike the right balance between commerce, community benefit and our broader global responsibilities.

Our independent auditors Pricewaterhouse Coopers said Council is in a strong and stable financial position, with all financial indicators better than accepted industry benchmarks.

The NSW Government's own Treasury Corporation (TCorp) rates the City's financial sustainability as 'Strong' with a positive outlook - the only one of 152 NSW Councils to receive this rating.

IPART's report to government declared the City of Sydney 'meets the scale and capacity criterion as a stand-alone council and would be fit as a stand-alone council'.

It said the 'City of Sydney is a well run council with significant scale and capacity. It has proactively partnered with governments, undertaken significant CBD based urban renewal, and approved a large range of development projects to grow the CBD.'

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