Stop kicking those cans down the road

On Tuesday morning I joined Jeff Angel from Total Environment Centre, and others from the Boomerang Alliance, to dump thousands of cans and drink bottles in Martin Place.

Four thousands containers is just the tip of the iceberg. Each year more than 12,000,000,000 containers end up being littered or put in landfill.

This staggering amount of waste contributes to pollution in our waterways and harbour, blights our parks and streets and harms wildlife.

The Boomerang Alliance, made up of 26 leading environmental organisations, is calling for an Australia-wide container deposit scheme - like the one pioneered in South Australia.

A ten cent refund on plastic and aluminium containers is the single most effective thing we can do to reduce waste. We know that these materials can be recycled, and SA's success shows that given the right incentive more and more people will do the right thing.

While major beverage companies may oppose a 10 cent refund, the community expects action from its political leaders.

The City has a long history of advocating for container deposit schemes as a means of more effectively managing the impacts of packaging waste. Support for a National Container Deposit Scheme is included in our Interim Waste Strategy.

This week Australia's Environment Ministers have been meeting to discuss a national scheme. Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke has already flagged his support for such a scheme. Join the Kick the Can campaign to tell State and Federal Minister that you want action.

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