Strata reform senselessly blocked

My Strata Legislation Amendment Bill was developed through three years extensive consultation and expert input and would give owners and occupiers relief in important areas like stopping developers controlling defect cases, improving access to documents, and addressing overcrowding.

The Government has rejected the important work I have undertaken with experts and the community by blocking my Bill saying it would prefer to rewrite the Act rather than adopt my amendments.

A rewrite will take years and will be too complex to assess even for experts, and will need to be re-litigated. Unintended consequences in this field of law will have serious impacts on people's lives.

The Act needs reform in key areas which the Government could address immediately through my Bill.

Apartment living creates community and helps house people sustainably, but living in close proximity, sharing common property and managing expenses collectively creates challenges that existing law can't cope with.

As an Independent with limited resources compared with the major parties I was able to work closely with experts and the community over three years to develop my Strata Reform Bill and I brought it to the new Parliament to address the need for urgent action.

Shamefully the Government, after 18 months in office, is only looking at a review despite the fact that there is an urgent need for reform.

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