Streamlined plan balances heritage and growth

On Monday night Council endorsed the second half of the City Plan. The City Plan is made up of two parts: a Local Environment Plan (adopted by the Council in March and awaiting the Planning Minister's approval) and the newly adopted Development Control Plan (DCP).

The DCP is a single user-friendly document that replaces more than 60 plans and policies for inner-city Sydney, cutting red tape for development and protecting heritage.

We had more than 60 different planning controls and policies, inherited after a series of council amalgamations. Since the Council resolved to prepare new planning controls in 2005, we've carried out more than 40 reviews, studies and projects, and held over 100 workshops with residents and businesses.

Our new streamlined City Plan will let residents, owners and planners build new developments or make alterations to existing buildings without having to wade through dozens of separate documents.

We carried out major urban design studies for the City's villages to make sure we got the right controls for their character.

Objectives and controls for the development of buildings with heritage significance - either individually, or as part of the streetscape - will protect the character of our villages and make sure heritage is taken into account every step of the way.

The Development Control Plan complements the draft Local Environment Plan, and will come into force when the LEP is approved by the State Government.

The DCP provides design guidelines for development, including the public domain, conservation of heritage items, transport and parking, sustainability and the environment, design excellence and late night trading.

The draft DCP will not apply to the entire Ashmore precinct, Erskineville; the Lachlan precinct, Waterloo; and some residential land along Gardeners Road, Rosebery. These areas require further community consultation before existing controls can be updated.

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