Support for Sydney Film Festival

The 2011 Sydney Film Festival, strongly supported by the City, opens next Wednesday with the Australian premiere of the espionage thriller, Hanna, featuring leading Australian actors Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana.

The film festival has grown significantly since its beginnings in 1954 and now screens over 160 films from 42 countries to 120,000 filmgoers. Apart from film screenings, the 12 day Festival program also includes talks, seminars and awards.

The festival is renowned for its role in championing 'new directions in film'. Director Clare Stewart recently said the festival's award criteria encouraged world filmmakers to be bold, adventurous risk-takers, to strive for the unique and the unexpected.

Events like the Sydney Film Festival help attract tourists, provide economic benefits for businesses and put our global city on the world stage.

We want keep our City an interesting and entertaining place to visit and that's why in February this year, Council agreed to continue the City's support for the festival for a further three years under the Major Festivals program.

On Saturday 18 June, the City will host its annual Film Festival community event at Dendy Opera Quays, with a screening of the comedy Win Win.


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