Supporting tough gun controls

I have a long history supporting tough gun controls.

In 1990 five of my constituents were gunned down in Northcott and as a member of the Gun Law Reform Committee I heard dreadful domestic violence stories. When the Independents held the balance of power we met a man whose son had been slain and at his request I introduced a bill for a referendum on gun registration and a ban on guns in urban homes.

Following the Port Arthur Massacre the then State Government adopted the reforms in my bill and banned all semiautomatic and military-type weapons.

Since then gun control laws have been watered down so this week I welcomed very minor new controls in the Firearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill, which prevent someone buying ammunition for a type of gun they do not own.

The bill is a Government response to recent drive-by shootings. I told Parliament we need to address access to semiautomatic handguns which are used in most drive-by shootings because they are light, easy to hide and high-powered.

Gun control is not about ensuring convenience for law abiding shooters, but about protecting the public from criminal and irresponsible firearm use and preventing bloodshed.

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