Sustainable Bio-Fuels to Power the City's Fleet

The City will soon have a new supply of certified, sustainable bio-fuel for our vehicle fleet, subject to Council's approval of a tender on Monday night.

Following an open Expression of Interest and Tender process, Council's Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee unanimously endorsed a recommended supplier. If approved, the supplier will be responsible for the supply, installation and management of two 20,000 litre fuel storage tanks and fuel, to be installed at the City's Epsom Road and Bay Street Depots.

The City currently has 450 vehicles and plant items that use over 1 million litres of fuel annually, emitting approximately 3,000 tonnes/year of carbon dioxide. Two thirds of these vehicles are diesel powered. Using sustainable bio-fuels rather than mineral diesel could achieve emission reductions of up to 26% in these vehicles, contributing to our Sustainable Sydney 2030 target of reducing fleet emissions by 20% by 2014.

The City first began using sustainable bio-fuels blended from South Australian canola crop waste, recycled cooking oils and tallow in 2006. In 2008, the supplier replaced the bio-oil component with Malaysian Palm Oil - a product that is known to contribute to land clearing, habitat destruction and the increased cost of food in developing countries.

We have since relied on standard mineral diesel to run our plant and vehicles, until new suppliers entered the biofuels market last year, when we sought expressions of interest.


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