Switch off the lights & turn on to renewables for Earth Hour

8.30pm on March 23 is Earth Hour 2013. Join hundreds of millions of people and turn off your lights to show you want action to protect our environment.

Recent floods, fires and record heatwaves across Australia have reinforced the fact that taking action is more important, and urgent, than ever.

This Earth Hour do something more and switch on to renewable energy. By moving away from coal-fired power we can dramatically slash the amount of pollution we create and help tackle climate change.

A recent survey of Australia's power sector showed that coal-fired energy has dropped to its lowest ever level - 74.8 per cent of the energy produced. Renewables have grown to a record 12.5 per cent. But there's still more to be done.

Show your commitment by visiting www.earthhour.org.au and making a pledge to switch on to renewable energy. We can't afford to delay action any longer.

At the City of Sydney we've already reduced our demand for energy by improving the efficiency of our buildings and lighting, as well as becoming Australia's first carbon-neutral Council.

Now we're investing millions of dollars in clean, renewable energy. Our goal is to have at least 30% of all our energy coming from renewable sources before 2030.

We are already making this happen. Our $4.3 million roll out of solar panels across the roofs of our town halls, offices, libraries, swimming pools and depots will create one of Australia's largest building-mounted solar systems - producing around 1.35 megawatts of power.

Earth Hour started right here in Sydney. Now it's been embraced by people in 6,950 cities across 152 countries.

Make sure you make the switch this Earth Hour.

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