Sydney again rated among the world's best cities

In its latest edition, global affairs magazine Monocle has ranked Sydney as the fifth best city in the world in its annual quality of life survey.

We've moved six places since the last survey, ahead of Stockholm, Vancouver and Helsinki. The table compares metrics ranging from the cost of a cup of coffee to the price of a three-bedroom house, recycling rates, unemployment levels and the percentage of people commuting by bike.

This is a fantastic endorsement of the quality of life we are creating in Sydney and enhances our status as a global city. By investing in parks, playgrounds and opens spaces, supporting creativity and cultural pursuits and delivering public and private developments with excellent design Sydney ranks as one of the world's great cities.

Read more about Sydney2030.

Read more about Sydney2030.

This is not only good for Sydney residents, but good for business as we know that a city with a high quality of life attracts investment and a talented workforce.

Monocle's recognition of Sydney's appeal follows findings by global consulting firm AT Kearney last year. Sydney featured in the top 20 for the firm's 2014 Global Cities Index and was ranked as the world's most popular city for international students.

And earlier this year, The Economist's Intelligence Unit ranked Sydney number six overall in its list of 50 cities in its Safe Cities Index for 2015.

Sydney is thriving. It is the engine room of the NSW economy, which is the best performing economy of any state in Australia. And results like the rankings above show that our approach - guided by Sydney 2030, our plan to create a green, global and connected city - is delivering a more liveable city.

All this will be placed at risk if the NSW Government goes ahead with its plan to amalgamate the City with neighbouring councils. An amalgamation at this time would seriously and negatively impact on the future of our City. Read more about that risk and what you can do to help stop an amalgamation here.

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