Sydney attracts world's best

A new study on global mobility and employment preferences ranks Sydney as the fourth most desirable city in the world for foreign workers.

In "Decoding Global Talent", recruiting firms and the Boston Consulting Group analysed the survey results of more than 200,000 people from 189 countries.

Cities identified as top attractors of talent - London, New York and Paris - all have a history as global centres of business. But Sydney's high ranking shows there's something more at play when it comes to drawing in and retaining staff.

Building on our great natural environment and reputation, the City of Sydney has worked hard to create a liveable environment.

Creating a city that is attractive for businesses, workers and other residents doesn't happen by accident. Over the past ten years we have built new world-class parks and pools; invested in public transport and bike infrastructure; supported the growth of small bars and restaurants; ensured public and private development meets excellent design standards; and grown Sydney's reputation for creativity and culture.

The nature of our modern, global economy makes our city's ability to attract talented individuals and hang onto them vital. The global workforce is mobile and increasingly making career decisions based on the living standards, culture and environment of the city they'd prefer to live in.

In ranking factors that influence job satisfaction, survey respondents listed environmental factors consistently higher than financial remuneration. Considering that companies that invest a great deal in recruiting, developing, and retaining employees, we know that creating a liveable city is beneficial for both residents and businesses.

People leave their home for a variety of reasons and we welcome them all, whether that be in escaping strife or starting a new life with the opportunities Sydney has to offer. It is encouraging to see so many consider Sydney as an ideal destination.

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