Sydney Park Children's Bike Track Community Consultation

(1pm, Saturday 14 June 2014, Sydney Park)

Hello, everyone. Thank you for your interest in coming today.

Last month, after several consultations with the community, Council adopted the Sydney Park Plan of Management to guide all future work at the park.

Today, we want to talk to you about the Traffic Lights Park, as the children's bike track is known.

It was designed and installed many years ago by NSW Police as a way to educate young children about road safety. It is enormously popular, but it was never designed for the way it is now used.

We propose to redesign it, to bring it up to current best-practice, and create a safe and inclusive play space to cater for multiple ages and skill levels.

By relocating the track we can put a child-care centre where it now is, and relocate and re-design the bike track close to the playground and toilets.

Under the proposal we'll discuss with you today, there will also be picnic tables, shade and seating - none of which are available at the existing track.

The proposal will be on exhibition until June 22. So you can give us your feedback today, or fill out our survey forms, or by directly contacting the Community Engagement Co-ordinator, or by going to the Sydney Your Say website.

But now, I'd like to ask Adam Fowler, design manager for our City Projects, to give you more detail on the proposal.

Thank you again for coming here today.