Sydney Park's new Plan of Management

The Sydney Park draft Plan of Management is on public exhibition until Friday 7 March.

The draft Plan of Management will build on our work in Sydney Park over the past ten years.

That work includes wetland regeneration, landscaping and boardwalks, an extensive pathway network and the first stage of our project to harvest and recycle water from the Barwon Road area.

We've also created an award-winning and very popular all-abilities playground, and a popular kiosk and public amenities in the village green

You can see the draft Plan of Management at any of the City's Neighbourhood Service Centres or on our Sydney Your Say website.

The draft Plan outlines how different areas in the park can be used and an implementation plan for future uses.

Some of the new work the City is proposing includes structural repairs to ensure the historic brickworks are protected. In future we will also look into their adaptive uses.

As part of our commitment to provide more child care facilities we will link the existing cycling facility with a new child care and learning centre. Public toilets will also be installed and we'll work to control flooding near Euston Road.

We are currently delivering the next stage of our water re-use project. Up to 800 million litres of stormwater will be harvested for re-use and we are landscaping and creating play spaces and linked paths around the wetlands. We are also looking at ways local industry could re-use this water - saving more water and money on water bills.

We will continue to protect biodiversity by restoring bushland, increasing habitats and improving the wetlands.

Our City Farm will include space to grow fresh, local produce and centre for sustainable food production. It could also include room for a framers market and an urban orchard, all with the help of volunteers.

A Community Information Session will be held at the Sydney Park Pavilion on Wednesday 12 February between 6-7pm. It will be a followed by an independently facilitated Public Hearing between 7pm - 8pm.

Come along, or contribute online, and help shape the future of Sydney Park.

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