Sydney Park Wetlands to be Renamed

We're giving the four recently-upgraded Sydney Park wetlands new names that commemorate the area's Aboriginal history.

The new names represent species of bats, birds, lizards and grasshoppers in different Aboriginal languages and are an important way to promote awareness of local Aboriginal culture.

City historians researched Sydney Park and considered names of Aboriginal origin that reflect the biodiversity of the park and its wetlands. The City also worked closely with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel and the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council to identify appropriate names.

These names will be open for public feedback later this month before the City takes the results to the Geographical Names Board of NSW for consideration.

  • Wirrambi Wetland - meaning 'bat', relates to the newly-created habitat for microbats at the park.
  • Guwali Wetland - meaning 'shag' or 'cormorant', recognises the waterbirds that were part of the local pre-industrial landscape;
  • Bunmarra Wetland - meaning 'lizard', refers to the growing blue-tongue lizard population in the park.
  • Gilbanung Wetland - meaning 'grasshoper', is an insect prevalent in the park.

Since 2004, we have invested over $23 million in transforming a derelict former brick-making site and rubbish tip into a much loved, attractive regional park.

The wetlands create a haven for native frogs and birds and encourage bush regeneration. We have just completed an $11.3 million storm harvesting project with a picturesque series of water cascades, stepping stones and informal paths to enjoy the water and wildlife.

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