Sydney Rides rolling in

The third annual Sydney Rides festival will roll across the City this spring - with events for beginners, daily commuters, long-distance road riders and two-wheeled families.

From 13 to 27 October we'll be celebrating Sydneysiders' growing love of bikes, with over 25 events you can take part in.

Riding a bike is a convenient transport option that reduces congestion and keeps you fit. We know more people are choosing to get on a bike.

In fact, recent independent counts show the number of bike trips has grown by more than 110 per cent since March 2010. According to the Australian Bicycle Council 31,600 locals ride a bike in a typical week.

We know those numbers will keep climbing if people have safe and convenient options to support them - so we continue to work hard to connect sections of the network.

Visit for event details and join me to help celebrate Sydney's bike culture.

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