Sydney's bikes move up a gear

On Monday, Council will consider a progress report on our bike network which is providing people with a new transport option.

More and more people are choosing to get on their bike to beat the traffic congestion choking our city. Figures show the growth of riding in Sydney is happening at a faster rate than most other comparable cities in the world.

Our growing bike network is providing a safe and practical transport option for those who want it, helping to reduce congestion for other road users.

The network is providing safe and connected paths between popular destinations - where people live, work, shop and play. We've already completed 10 kilometres of separated cycleways and another 2.5 kilometres are in the design or consultation phases.

In total, 25 kilometres of the planned 55-kilometre Regional Route Network, which comprises segments of separated cycleway, bike lanes, contra-flow lanes, mixed traffic and shared paths, are now complete.

The City worked with the State Government and 14 surrounding councils to develop the Inner Sydney Regional Bicycle Network - stretching from Kogarah to Chatswood and from Rhodes to Watsons Bay. This combined bicycle network will provide another transport choice for more than a million people in 164 suburbs.

In 2008, the City applied to the Federal Government to provide funding to the participating councils and the City will again support these councils in applying for another round of State and Federal Government funding for the combined bicycle network.

To read the updated Cycling Strategy click HERE.

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