Sydney's New NYE Creative Director

This week, I introduced the new creative director for Sydney's New Years Eve celebrations, Marc Newson.

A renowned designer who started at Sydney College of the Arts in the 1980s, Marc made his name with the striking Lockheed chair in 1986, a chaises longue made from hundreds of aluminium panels.

He's since designed chairs, cars, boats, planes, chairs, appliances and clocks for a string of small and very large companies. (In the picture at the top, I'm sitting with Marc in one of the chairs he designed for the Qantas First Class lounge at Sydney Airport.)

Marc, who was speaking at our second Design Excellence Forum in the Town Hall, said design is still a young industry, and one that hasn't yet been embraced fully by cities. He encouraged Sydney - as a "young city" - to champion design as a truly international new industry that suits our young fresh mentality.

Good design is all about making products that last, he explained, things that people treasure, and that improve people's lives.

We had a rich conversation after the public session, discussing the City's efforts to incorporate good design in the earliest planning of public spaces - including the Surry Hills Library and the Paddington Reservoir Gardens.

I'm looking forward to working with Marc over the coming six months towards New Years Eve in Sydney.


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