Sydney Town Hall Refurbishment Wins Heritage Award

The City's internal restoration of the iconic Sydney Town Hall has won the National Trust Heritage Award for Conservation - Energy Management.

Judged by a panel of industry experts, the awards showcase projects which promote the conservation of Australia's heritage and set a benchmark for others to follow.

The award recognises internal improvements which helped bring the historic building into the 21st century, including:

  • 240 state-of-the-art solar panels on the roof to help reduce the City's environmental footprint.
  • 1700 new energy efficient lights and smart sensors to switch lights off when a room is unused;
  • A climate control system which will use up to 30 per cent less power;
  • New hydraulics and storm water infrastructure to reduce water use by between 15 to 20 per cent; and
  • New roof insulation to help retain heat in winter and cool the building during hot weather.

The restoration, the biggest ever undertaken by the City, was the first comprehensive overhaul of Town Hall essential services since the 1930s. The Lower Town Hall has been converted into an attractive venue for events and performances.

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