Tele gets it wrong on cycleways

Construction of light rail will be the biggest change to the Sydney CBD for decades. It is an enormous, complex job and everyone involved will have to work together to keep Sydney moving.

An article in today's Daily Telegraph 'Sydney's Cycle of Carnage' gives a misleading picture of what will be happening in our CBD.

It shows light rail routes that don't exist. It includes cycleway projects like Bourke Street that have been finished for years. And it shows other projects in places like Redfern, Chippendale and Green Square that have no impact on the CBD.

It is the NSW Government, not the City, which is designing and building the new links to connect the CBD bike network. The Government is coordinating the construction on Castlereagh, Park and Liverpool Streets around their plans for light rail. The City has done everything possible to speed up the process and minimise disruption.

The Government is building these cycleways to help reach their goal of doubling cycling trips by 2016. We strongly support this goal, which is why we are funding the work.

Business groups, transport planners, health experts and thousands of people who ride to work each day want a network of safe, separated cycleways through the CBD as soon as possible. That would help reduce disruption and congestion once work on George Street begins.

Sydney needs to be a city that functions for people - whether they use public transport, walk, drive or ride. A network of safe, separated cycleways is a vital part of making this a reality.

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