Thank You Sydney

Clover and Her Excelancy The Governor 3 May 2011

Clover and Her Excelancy The Governor, the opening of the 55th Parliament

Thank you for your continued support at last Saturday's election.

The election result changes the political landscape in NSW and I look forward to working with the new Government to get results for the benefit of Sydney and NSW. Since first being elected as an Independent, I have aimed to work cooperatively with the Government of the day, whether Labor or Liberal.

With all votes now counted, my primary vote has reduced by only 3.35 three percent, despite the historic 17 per cent swing to the Liberals across the state and the fact that many voters in the electorate vote Liberal in federal elections, particularly in Woollahra, Edgecliff, Elizabeth Bay and Potts Point.

My two candidate preferred count is 53.1%, with the Liberal candidate on 46.9%.

This is the 11th election I have won since 1980 and it's the fourth time the Sydney electorate has endorsed me being both MP and Lord Mayor. Working for Sydney in both roles means I get much more done for our communities.

The State and Local electorates cover the same areas and I am able to lobby the Government in Parliament and take practical action in the City which means I can be a much more effective local representative.

I was particularly pleased to see my vote increase or stay steady in the areas where we have built cycleways, reflecting the strong uptake of cycling in those areas.

I believe the result also reflects continue support for progressive and innovative responses to issues such as mental health and homelessness, increasing community safety and supporting police, protecting and increasing precious open space and allowing small bars in Sydney .

I am also proud of the important community work I have been able to support by donating my Lord Mayoral salary. In seven years, I've donated close to one million dollars to 45 projects that often find it hard to get funding and that help some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community.

While the election results suggest that Fred Nile and the Shooters Party may have the balance of power in the Legislative Council, this will not deter me from working for action on climate change, equality for the gay and lesbian community, improved public transport and planning reform.

I believe there are fair-minded people on both sides of Parliament who will support well argued cases for reform and I will continue to work hard for all the very different inner city communities in Sydney.


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