The Home Project

On Sunday I joined the Governor, Professor Marie Bashir at the Sydney Story factory to launch The Home Project- a year-long project where young people write about their experiences of life in Redfern and Waterloo.

The Home Project

I was thrilled to see the Sydney Story Factory make its home in Redfern. There is a tremendous sense of community in this area and I am proud to call it home.

Over the past 10 years the City has made some great changes to Redfern and Waterloo. Redfern and Regent Streets are now welcoming areas that draw together locals and visitors. We've commissioned beautiful public art including Reko Rennie's 'Welcome to Redfern' and Fiona Foley's 'Bubbles and Bullets'.

By upgrading the area's parks, pools and ovals we've given people great ways to stay fit and healthy. And we've created a beautiful new youth centre and skate park in Waterloo.

These changes are the early stages of building a stronger community, and there are others to be made if Redfern and Waterloo are to remain a happy and cohesive place.

One way to do that is by listening to other people's stories. Story-telling is as old as humanity and it's one of the most powerful ways we connect with each other.

The Story Factory gets that and it's encouraging the kids of Redfern and Waterloo - anyone from seven to 17 - to tell their own stories about living here. The kids are also going to interview older people, to hear their stories of how it was before.

With some help from professional writers and editors, the children will edit these stories into a book called Home, which we will publish in late 2014.

It's going to provide a wonderful picture of this very special place. I think it's another fantastic project from the Story Factory, and the City is very pleased to support it. I really look forward to seeing the results.

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