The NSW Planning System under review

After 30 years of ad-hoc changes, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 is no longer working for the people of NSW. The NSW Government has asked an independent panel to consulting with communities and interested groups about what a new planning system should look like and then make recommendations for new planning legislation.

The City is advocating for a new planning system that is sustainable, collaborative, transparent and equitable - one that can deliver on important issues such as climate change, housing, transport and design.

On Monday night, Council's Planning Development and Transport Committee will consider the City's submission to the NSW Government's review.

The City's submission sets out a vision for a new planning system that will tackle serious environmental issues, give communities a meaningful say in their area, encourage collaboration, is economically sustainable and protects the public interest.

The new planning system must give planners and communities the tools to address climate change and use resources sustainably, provide housing in concert with public transport, improve housing affordability and create places of the highest architectural quality.

The City's submission responds to over 230 issues raised in the first phase of consultation. The Panel's proposal for a new planning system is expected in April after submissions are reviewed with new legislation to come before Parliament by the end of the year.

You can find out more information about the Planning System Review and submit your ideas and suggestions through their website before Friday 2 March.


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