The truth about trees and light rail in Surry Hills

Sydney urgently needs new public transport and the Government's light rail project will reduce congestion in the inner city. It's disappointing the Labor Party is spreading mistruths about this much needed transport project.

For 16 years while they were in Government, they ignored the need for new transport infrastructure in Sydney and left a legacy of gridlock and congestion. It will get worse unless new infrastructure is urgently built.

Starting a new infrastructure project is always hard, especially in built up areas in the inner city, but this is a vital project that will enhance Surry Hills with beautifully designed boulevards, new parks and green spaces.

While some trees will need to be removed as part of the light rail construction process, under the Agreement negotiated, the NSW Government has committed to planting more trees than the number removed as part of the project.

This means there will be more trees in Surry Hills after light rail is complete. There will also be new parks and open space.

The City is contributing $220 million towards the project and the development agreement we negotiated with Transport for NSW sets out standards under which the light rail project can be built through the LGA.

It means the project will be built according to the City's much-lauded design standards. Over the past ten years, the City has actively encouraged quality development and pursued design excellence. Since 2004, City projects have won more than 50 national and international design awards.

The agreement confirms that the Surry Hills route will be built in accordance with the same leading design standards used for all our village main streets, including high-quality paving, furniture and trees. It also guarantees footpath upgrades, new plazas and pocket parks.

The construction and operation of the Sydney Light Rail Project will be delivered by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

The NSW Government has committed to consult all key stakeholders as the project progresses.

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