The Truth the Tele Won't Print: Grants for a More Liveable City

Today's Daily Telegraph dedicated two full stories and its editorial to criticism of the City's Grants and Sponsorship Program. The program provides funding and support for initiatives that contribute to cultural, social, environmental and economic life in the City.

Grants and Sponsorship

Grants and Sponsorship Program and Funding

We know our local community and businesses have a broad range of skills and talents, so we work with individuals, organisations and businesses to bring our vision of a sustainable city to life. By providing cash and in kind support, we help build a wide range of initiatives and projects that make our city diverse, welcoming and a wonderful place to live, work and visit.

The Telegraph's criticism focused on grants which were unanimously approved by City of Sydney's Councillors. In 2013/14, the City awarded over $13.1 million through our Grants and Sponsorships Program, including $6.9 million in cash and $6.2 million value-in-kind.

One such grant helped 1 Million Women establish a three-month trial to encourage its 82,000 members to reduce home-energy use. Another, $8,730 to the UTS Housing Bike Club, paid for two cargo and 15 community-bikes to help more than 1,200 students with 3,500 accommodation moves a year, cutting down on transport costs.

We supported major festivals and events, including Australia's largest corroboree; the Bingham Cup, the international gay rugby competition; Sydney Fringe Festival and the Walsh Bay Arts Festival.

We've also helped launch and grow local community events like the East Side Ride, the Newtown Festival and the Surry Hills Festival. And we've partnered with local groups to fund vegie patches, art workshops and pop-up cinemas.

Applications for grants are assessed against the City's Grants and Sponsorship Policy and must meet one or more of our key priority areas:

  • Celebrating Culture and Creativity
  • Supporting the Economy and Business
  • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability
  • Building Community

The City is a unique place. We provide services for over 200,000 residents, 20,000 businesses and nearly one million visitors a day. Supporting community initiatives is one way we ensure our global city is a liveable, enjoyable and interesting place to be.

If you'd like to know more, of if you've been inspired and would like to apply for a grant yourself, visit the City's website here:

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