The Truth the Tele Won't Print: Green Travel Plans

Today's Daily Telegraph misrepresents the nature of a development approval endorsed at Council over a week ago. The DA requirement to prepare a Travel Plan for customers and staff does not set a precedent for other businesses, does not add onerous red tape and has the full support of the owner.

The article refers to a new 300-seat restaurant on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, the owners have been asked to prepare a Travel Plan for customers and staff getting to and from the venue.

The City asked for a Travel Plan because the restaurant is unusually large, is located on an arterial road with no parking, and has a lack of onsite parking.

The City received a number of objections from local residents about the DA and the travel plan is just part of a package of measures to mitigate impacts on local residents.

This does not create a precedent for Travel Plans to be used at other restaurants. Travel Plans are only required on a case-by-case basis.

Travel Plans are used in large businesses to make sure staff and visitors are aware of the best options for walking, riding, public transport or driving.

Travel Plans don't require a specific number of trips by any particular form of transport, and customers or visitors aren't forced to share information with the business if they don't want to.

Owners of the restaurant on Cleveland Street, which is close to public transport, have advised the City they are happy to prepare a plan to ensure their patrons and staff are aware of the parking shortage, the public transport options, and the best place for taxis to drop and pick up people safely.

Restaurant owner Michael Grant, of Cornerstone Property, said he does not regard it as red tape.

We support the introduction and council initiative of the Green Travel Plan.

We don't see it as red tape or an extra burden, we see it as a value-add to the end patrons. The Travel Plan would be incorporated into the restaurant website to help communicate the easiest and most convenient travel options for the community, to and from the restaurant.

Encouraging people to use different transport options if they can, makes it easier for those who do need to drive.

Pictured: The restaurant site at 267-271 Cleveland St, Redfern.

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